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Waggers Tender Moist Dog Food:

Waggers Tender Moist Dog Food:

By: Waggers


$28.00 - $48.00
  • Over 90% Premium Animal Proteins
  • over 30% moisture
  • Grain and Starch free
  • Made in the USA
  • Specially designed for small breeds

Product Description

Can you hear the Howl of your Little Wolf?
Waggers TenderMoist is a revolutionary way to feed your dog, combining the moisture benefits of wet or raw diets with the "pour and store" convenience of dry dog food that you and your dog will love. At Waggers, the overall health of your small breed dog is our top priority. That's why we created Waggers TenderMoist soft and moist dog food with increased moisture levels to ensure your dog's kidneys and digestive system function optimally.  With moisture levels up to 3 times higher than dry kibble and Nature-approved content, Waggers TenderMoist helps you dog feel his best, whether you're playing fetch or she's snuggling on your lap. In addition, our unique Waggers TenderMoist formulas never include starch found in most other kibbles. Starch converts easily to sugar, which can contribute to obesity and tooth decay in small breed dogs. Starch-free and grain-free, TenderMoist is the kind of Nature-driven innovation Waggers is proud to create for you and your dog.
This food is richer than regular kibble. It takes 7 days to properly transition your dog to Waggers Tendermoist.